Cross-country comparisons

Sources used for the review

The main sources used in this review of leave polices and research are country notes prepared by members of the international network on leave policies and research, following a common format; the author or authors of each country note are given at the start of the note. These notes are revised each year by members, and edited by the network’s coordinators, Alison Koslowski, Sonja Blum and Peter Moss. Each country note is updated to April 2016.

In addition, the ‘background data on countries’ page and the ‘relationship between leave and ECEC entitlements’ page draw on two comparative sources of demographic, economic and social data: the United Nations Development Programme’s annual Human Development Report and the OECD Family Database. Full details are given at the end of the table on each page.


Background data on countries

Maternity Leave

Paternity Leave

Parental Leave

Other measures

Total leave available

Leave and ECEC entitlements

Changes and developments since April 2015


Research and publications since April 2015