Becoming a Member

The network is open to researchers, policy makers and others from both particular countries and international organisations. The main condition is expertise and interest in the subject, and a willingness to contribute actively to the work of the network, e.g. contributing to the annual review of leave policies and research, attending the annual seminar at least every second or third year, participating in publication or other groups. 


The normal procedure is 

1. To forward a cv to the coordinators of the network showing evidence of interest and expertise in the subject of leave policies (it can be a full cv or an abbreviated one that includes work on leave policies);

2. If there is an existing member from your country, the network coordinators inform that member of a proposed new member, and invite any comments;

3. To ask the prospective new member to either write a country note for their country (if one does not already exist) for the next annual review OR to offer to collaborate with existing members in revising the country note for the next annual review;

4. To invite the prospective new member to the next annual seminar of the network;

5. To propose, if the coordinators consider conditions have been met, the prospective member for ‘associate membership’ at the next annual seminar;

6. To propose, if the coordinators consider conditions have been met, the new ‘associate member’ for full membership at the following annual seminar

If you wish to apply following this procedure, please forward a cv to Marian Baird (; or contact one of the coordinators if you have any questions about the network including membership.