What can the US learn from Sweden and the UK?


Book reviews of Gayle Kaufman's Fixing Parental Leave

Fixing Parental Leave focuses on policy solutions for the US. It offers 6 lessons:

1. The US is way behind the rest of the world;

2. Parental leave is good;

3. But too much parental leave is not good;

4. We need to think of fathers as partners, not helpers;

5. The UK is not a good model for parental leave and gender equality;

6. The Swedish model is great but not perfect.


From the reviews:

Andersen writes in Gender & Society: "One of the strengths of Kaufman's book is the careful attention she gives to the culture, history, economic structure, and political systems that influence each of the countries she examines."

Hampson writes in Social Forces: "While the solution is in the title, it is absolutely worth the time for readers to journey through the entire book to see how Kaufman gets there."