Annual seminars


2017 Prague


14th International LP & R seminar in Prague, Czech Republic; 21-22th September 2017


Session 1: Leave Policies in the Czech Republic

Czech leave policies: 2017 Concept of family policy from EU perpective
Jirina Kocourková, Anna Štastná

The division of care and paid work in the Czech Republic
Olga Nešporová

Recent research on paternity leave in the Czech Republic
Vera Kucharová, Kristýna Janurová

Session 2: Methodological Challenges in Conceptualizing and Measuring Parental leave take-up

Who Counts and How are They Counted? Issues in Measuring Parental Leave in Canada
Andrea Doucet, Lindsey McKay

Studying the obstacles to fathers´ leave take-up with survey and interviews – how to reach the non-users?
Johanna Närvi, Minna Salmi, Johanna Lammi-Taskula

Work life balance and gender equity: measurement and policies in Italy 
Tindara Addabbo, Valentina Cardinali,Dino Giovannini, Sara Mazzucchelli

Short report on European Institute for Gender Equality: EIGE indicators project
Marre Karu

Session 3: Leave Policies in Eastern Europe 

Legal strategies for enhancing fertility and (forced) flexibility of rules: Poland Between Generosity and Restrictiveness
Barbara Godlewska-Bujok

Parental leave and fertility in Romania
Alexandra Macht

The Hungarian leave policy system in times of policy change
András Gábos

Session 4: Father Involvement

Fathers as mothers´ assistants: Father involvement in Slovenia
Nada Stropnik, Živa Humer

Work organizations as mediators for fathers' take-up of parental leave in Germany
Thordis Reimer

Finding the missing link in the parental leave policy development in Japan:  What is behind the generous leave provision and low take-up rate of fathers?
Hideki Nakazato

Leaves from work to care informally for frail or sick family members – an international perspective
Andrea E. Schmidt

Session 5:  Leave Policies in Non-EU Countries I

How do single parents use their quota rights to parental leave: The case of Iceland
Ingólfur V. Gíslason, Guðný Björk Eydal

Mothers' return to work transitions in Australia: evidence from a recent longitudinal survey

Gillian Whitehouse

New Zealand – Non-standard employees and parental leave dilemmas
Susan Morrissey, Heather McDonald

Session 6: Leave Policies in Non-EU Countries II

Changing Family Leave Policies in China
Shirley Gatenio Gabel, Wen-Jui Han

The practical implementation of leave policies in South Africa
Herman Kasselman

Challenges of fathers´ leave take-up in Québec
Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

SESSION 7: Recent Research on Leave Policies

The Impact of Parental Leave Policy on the Labour-Market Engagement of Mothers. Do the Number of Children and Pre-birth Work Engagement Matter? 
Marie Valentova

What can Switzerland learn from parental leave legislation in Germany, Sweden, the UK?
Rahel Nedi

Public opinion toward leave policies in 27 OECD countries
Isabel Valarino