Presentations 2020


Thursday 17th of September at 14-17 o´clock UK time (see recordings)


14.00-14.15   Introduction and technical checking, Ann-Zofie Duvander

14.15-14.30   Alison Koslowski: Leave policies in the time of pandemic: an overview from the International Review on Leave Policies and Research 2020

14.30-14.45   Mara Yerkes: Gender (In)equality in times of COVID19: insights from the Netherlands

14.45-15.00   Anna Escobedo, Irene Lapuerta and Gerardo Meil: Spanish families Work-Life-Balance under the Covid crisis

15.00-15.15   Comments by Peter Moss + questions from audience

15.15-15.30        Break

15.30-15.45   Sonja Blum and Ivana Dobrotic Childcare-policy responses in the COVID-19 pandemic: Unpacking cross-country variation

15.45-16.00   Richard Petts: How has COVID-19 Changed Parents' Division of Domestic Labor in the U.S.?

16.00-16.15   Anna Kurowska: Presenting two new projects; familydemic and policydemic to study the time of the pandemic

16.15-16.30   Comments by Thordis Reimer + questions from audience

16.30-16.50   Audience reflections 20 minutes



Friday 18th of September at 8-11 o´clock UK time (see recordings)


8.00-8.15     Introduction, technical checking, Ann-Zofie Duvander

8.15-8.30     Suzy Morrisey. How the Pandemic has been approached on New Zealand

8.30-8.45     Marie Valentova: Leave for family reasons COVID19 in Luxembourg. Description, coverage and estimated take-up.

8.45-9.00     Fan Wu and Xuan Li : Do Leave Policies meet family needs in China: COVID-19 challenges and opportunities?

9.00-9.30      Comments by Johanna Lammi-Taskula + questions from audience

9.30-9.45             Break

9.45-10.00    Margaret O’Brien Caring and earning in families with young children under COVID-19: insights from London, UK

10.00-10.15  Ruta Brazene Work life balance in Lithuania during COVID 19 pandemic

10.15-10.30  Comments by Gudny Eydal

10.30-10.45  Audience reflections

10.45-11.00  Closing and future network business and activities, Margaret O’Brien