Presentations 2019

Session 1 – Introduction: inequalities in the design of parental leave policies: the case of Germany

German parental leave policies in the context of cultural and institutional change
Birgit Pfau-Effinger

Introduction to German parental leave policies: Challenging or reproducing inequalities?

Thordis Reimer & Julia Höppner

Session 2 – Inequalities between countries: a historical perspective on the design of parental leave policies and (in)equality

Care policies in Nordic countries – challenges and continuity
Guðný Björk Eydal & Tine Rostgaard

Parental Leave Policies in Austria: Equal rights, unequal consequences?
Eva-Maria Schmidt

(In)equality dynamic of leave policies reforms in the post-Yugoslav countries
Ivana Dobrotić

Session 3 – Inequalities within countries: differences in access to parental leave benefits by workplace or employment status

Gendered employer policies in the United States
Gayle Kaufman & Richard Petts

Evaluation of parental leave in Luxembourg, focus on couples’ strategies and the role of workplace characteristics
Marie Valentova & Merve Uzunalioglu

Demand-driven provision of childcare by employers. Comparison between Germany and Poland
Jasmin Joecks, Anna Kurowska & Kerstin Pull

Session 4 – Inequalities within countries: differences in access to parental leave benefits by social status

Equalizing parental leave for sole parent families in the United States
Deborah A. Widiss

The experience of work-family conflict among divorced parents in Flanders
Annelies Van den Eynde, Anina Vercruyssen & Dimitri Mortelmans

Inequalities in paid parental leave and flexible working time arrangements in Lithuania
Ruta Braziene & Sonata Vysniauskiene

Keynote: Parental leave and inequalities - the haves and the have-nots

Margaret O’Brien


Session 5 – Inequalities between countries: access in paid parental leave and employment

Access to maternity, paternity and parental leave for people working on non-standard contracts and as self-employed in Europe
Nada Stropnik

Access to parental leave benefits: Constructing deservingness and undeservingness through policy narratives
Sonja Blum & Ivana Dobrotić

Parental leave eligibility in Australia and Japan: inclusion and exclusion in the context of labour market precarity
Gillian Whitehouse & Hideki Nakazato

Session 6 – Inequalities between countries: parental leave policies, gender and family type

Towards gender equality in parenting? A comparative analysis of parental leave and child support schemes
Mara Yerkes, Laura den Dulk & Jana Javornik

Current status of parental leave policies and arrangements for non-traditional families. Comparison of situation across EU28

Natalie Picken & Barbara Janta

Reform of the Hungarian family policy system: are employed parents the main beneficiaries?
Zsuzsanna Makay

Session 7 – Inequalities within countries: parental leave policies and gender arrangements

Gender-role attitudes and parental leave decisions after childbirth. A longitudinal dyadic perspective with dual-earner couples
Anna M. Stertz & Bettina S. Wiese

Reasons for the decrease in the number of beneficiaries of Parental leave benefit in France: exclusion, self-exclusion and disaffection
Jeanne Fagnani

Paternal take-up of parental leave: how rhythm analysis can facilitate analysis of differences and inequalities
Jamie Atkinson

Poster Session

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America